Two New Short Stories and Free Stuff!
by Sam on April 16th, 2016

In my last post, I promised some announcements. Well, I decided to lump them together into one larger announcement. I've just published two new short stories, both of which are pretty fun, but for very different reasons. 
Genre: Military sci-fi, dark humor

​Description: As a squad of elite corporate soldiers preps for another mission to exterminate an alien menace, one of them experiences an existential crisis. And it's really annoying.

This short story came about as a result of a writing exercise. I challenged myself to write a story using only dialog. I cheated a little and added names and sound effects to the mix, but I still managed to hit what I was after. I mixed in my love of military sci fi and the end product is quite satisfying.

Plus, the idea of a crack soldier experiencing an existential crisis in the midst of battle is hilarious to me. Not sure many others would think so, but it made me laugh out loud a few times while editing which doesn't happen often.
Genre: Fantasy/Superhero

Description: A girl with a special power that is both blessing and curse experiences a painful episode that could help save a life, but at what cost?

This one was another writing exercise where the concept was to write a supernatural/fantasy themed short story with a female protagonist. The caveat was that she had to be in pain in some way.

Ellie was the result. I have to say, for having written it before we had our daughter, I'm kinda proud of it. Gets me in the feels every time I look at it. The ideas in this short fed directly into Amelia and the two share many of the same themes.
To celebrate the release of both of these short stories, for the next 5 days "A Skull's Lament" is available for free for everyone on! You don't even have to buy the two new ones to take advantage of this. Oh, and If you enjoy the stories, please be sure to leave a review on Amazon. It helps a ton.

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