One Week Away and Maps
by Sam on June 8th, 2017

We are one week away from the official release of the second edition of my first ever novel, The Thief and The Red Mandolin! As we inch closer, I'll give you guys a few insights into the nature of the changes from the first edition of the book.

The first difference that you'll notice as soon as you open the book is the addition of maps! I've always wanted to have a set of maps for the book series, but lacked the know-how to put them together so they looked decent enough. When working the second edition, one of my top priorities was to figure how to create good-looking maps.

I mean, every self-respecting fantasy adventure book has maps, right? I'm pretty proud with how these came out. Hopefully, you guys will like them, too.
Stay tuned tuned for more reveals throughout the coming day until release.

See ya!

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