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Mere Hours Left!
by Sam on June 14th, 2017

We're so close to the official release of the 2nd edition of The Thief and The Red Mandolin! Can you tell I'm excited?

For this update, we'll cover the meat of the second edition: the interior. Of course, the biggest reason to do a second edition of anything is to clean up the original. The vast majority of the edits for the second edition are for style and editorial corrections. I'm amazed at how many errors one still finds even after multiple reads and running a manuscript through beta readers.

There are also a few new hints and snippets that better set up things to come in the second and, more importantly, the third as-yet-unreleased third book. Those of you who have copies of the first edition, I wonder if you'll catch all of the hints.

Typesetting is a big deal in print books. Even for novels, where all you have are words on a page, the way it looks when open matters. For the first edition, I just sort of slapped together whatever I thought looked okay enough. A few years ago, I picked a template for self-publishing that has been my go-to format ever since. It looks great on the page and make reading so much easier and more pleasant to the eye. With respect to the second edition, I took extra care to make sure everything looked pristine (or at least as nice as possible).

I gotta say, I'm pretty pleased with how all of this came together.

See you guys tomorrow for the official, full release!

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