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The Thief and The Red Mandolin 2nd Edition! Also, Discounted Books!
by Sam on June 15th, 2017

At long last, the second edition of The Thief and The Red Mandolin has arrived. A lot of hard work and love has gone into this book and the second edition is now the definitive version of the story. In working the second edition, my hope has always been to infuse higher quality writing while maintaining the charm and fun that were so integral to the tale. In the back of my mind, I kept telling myself to not "George Lucas" the thing (Han shot first!).

Along the way, I've encountered delays, doubts and re-adjustments as I tried to figure just what the heck I was doing. Even during the 11th hour, we ran into some technical problems that will delay the wide distribution of the ebook. There's also an issue where Amazon is using the old cover for a thumbnail on the Kindle version. Luckily, we have work-arounds!

Until we get all the ebook issues worked out, you can snag a PDF copy of the book through this very website by heading over to the Books section and clicking on the "ebook on Gumroad" button.
​The paperback can be ordered through or from the Book section where you can snag a nifty autographed copy. 

The book will make its official signing debut at Smallville ComicCon in Hutchinson, KS, June 24-25. We will be there both days, so if you're in the area, stop on in and get a signed copy!

On this day of celebration, I want to show my genuine gratitude for my fans. So, I've discounted the autographed versions of both Pentinium and Project R! Now is a great time to dive into these stories. You can snag both books, again, in the Book Section of the website and use the promo code 'mandolin' during checkout.

Thanks everyone for stopping by! I truly appreciate the fans. You guys make it worthwhile.

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