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World of Heroes Preorder
by Sam on September 20th, 2017

Episode 1 Release
It's been a crazy couple of months. I've stayed busy writing. I'm super-excited to announce the first episode of World of Heroes, my new superhero series, now has a release date and a title:
A Foe Returns?
Saturday, September 23
Kip Burland is the heroic vigilante Black Hood. Called away in the middle of a date, he encounters what at first appears to be the return of one of his deadliest foes: the Laughing Puppeteer. However, he quickly discovers clues inconsistent with his twisted nemesis. Will Black Hood overcome thi--dpkfg)*adfzxz@#)--*vxbnoh+efhe&^%$Iou3e0 

Hello, Lana Clark. The world you live in is wrong. It should not exist. Events in history have been altered, changed to accommodate the whims of a madman. As you’ve seen, the tale is real. In a world built on lies, it is truth. I wouldn’t blame you if you took this to the furnace at the library tomorrow, but know that if you do, we lose our best chance at setting everything right.
Mysteries abound! So many mysteries. Those of you that have already preordered it, you don't need to do anything else. You will receive the PDF on that day.

If you haven't yet purchased it yet, you can click here to make a preorder at a discounted price. On release, the price for the novelette goes up to $3.

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