New Book In Work and Beta Readings
by Sam on August 16th, 2018

What's up, gang? It's been a few weeks since I last updated everyone on what's happening (and there's been quite a bit). In March, I started writing my next novel, a supernatural mystery story set in Victorian England. It's a world I've had in my head for quite some time (though, once I think of it, there are seeds in this story that were planted in my childhood). It combines elements from a lot of different influences. Here's the brief blurb to give you an idea for the story:

Autumn 1887. Demons and humans live side by side in unstable peace after a bitter war between Earth and Hell that ended fifteen years ago. Solomon Green, bodyguard and former Buffalo Soldier, arrives in London searching for his charge and love, Abigail Treadway, who has disappeared.

After an explosive incident at a local police station, he forms an uneasy partnership with the human/demon half-breed, Jonathan Hellgate, best tracker in all the city (self-proclaimed). Tasked with stopping a dangerous substance threatening the streets of London in exchange for help in his search, Solomon and Jonathan find their limits tested like never before. The men must work together against the prejudice, corruption, and monsters—human and otherwise—of a dark and uncaring city if they hope to save the people they care about.

I just finished the second draft last week. Getting to that point within a 6-month period is a personal best for me. It's a great milestone, especially considering I haven't completed a novel manuscript from scratch since Project R in 2011 (plenty of trunk novels and false starts in the meantime).

What's more, thanks to my wonderful wife, Michelle, and my writer friend (and an all-around excellent dude), DJ Butler, I now have a cadre of beta readers for the book, something I had always hoped to have. 

All this is shaping up to make for an awesome book. I can't wait to show it to everyone once it's ready. 

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