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Overview of Ember's Fate
by Sam on June 1st, 2021

In case you missed it, last week we announced the upcoming role-playing game (RPG), Ember's Fate. Go here for the full announcement, but here are the key details:
  • The game is officially releasing on June 19
  • We will support the launch of the game with a Crowd Sale through The Game Crafter to give the opportunity to get a copy as inexpensively as possible
  • We will have a booth at the Smallville Festival in Hutchinson, KS (free to the public!), on June 19 which is the perfect opportunity to come check it out
With this post, I wanted to give you a bit of an overview of what to expect from Ember's Fate. From the simple setup to the easy-to-follow rules, the game is meant to be accessible to anyone regardless of your previous RPG experience.
First, you'll decide who will be the Game Master, or GM. This is the person who will help guide the rest through the story. They're responsible for breathing life into the characters and setting that the Player Characters will interact with.

You'll then choose one of 20 replayable Quests to take on. Defend an outpost against an enemy siege, explore the mysterious ruins of a lost city, or head over to the local tavern and recount tales of adventures. All of these and more await you in Ember's Fate.

Next comes character setup:
  1. Pick you Class; choose from 8 different classes such as the mighty Sentinel, the stealthy Shadow, or the haughty Drake Lord, each with their own unique abilities
  2. Draw 4 Origin cards and choose 2 that will inform your character and their actions 
  3. Using Relationship cards, you'll establish the relationships and history your character has with others
Now you're ready to start. Each Quest has an introductory story setting up the scenario. From there, you'll have 5 objectives to help guide your way through the Quest. Everything in between is up to you! You'll accomplish each step of the Quest however your group sees fit. Once the GM is satisfied that the step is addressed, you'll progress to the next.

Sometimes you'll have to perform a feat that requires effort and skill such as leaping over a wide gap between rooftops, smooth talking a wary nobleman, or sneaking past a squad of guards. In these situations, you'll perform a test or "check" to see if you pull it off. You'll roll a die and add the result to one of your five skills to see if you succeed or fail.

Then there are the moments when the gloves come off and you have to fight. Combat in Ember's Fate follows a simple turn-based structure. Depending on the situation, one side (Player or Enemies) will go first. Each member of that group will then take turns performing actions in Combat, usually by, you guessed it, rolling dice. NPCs act according to the result of the die roll. Players have several options available to them, but will usually attack by rolling a die and adding it to the appropriate skill. You'll keep going until one side is defeated.

While this doesn't cover everything you'll experience in Ember's Fate, it gives you a rough idea for how the game flows.

Be sure to head over to the store page and wishlist it to be notified when the game is released and stay tuned for more details as we draw close to June 19!

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