The Thief and The Red Mandolin *2nd ed.

​An ancient evil trapped within a mandolin wants to break free. Hastiand the bard carries this burden hoping to bring back the love he lost. Satchel the thief longs to see the world outside his home, but Jarek, his mentor holds him back. When the paths of the bard and the thief collide, it sparks a journey for each that will test their mettle.

Unplugged & Unfinished

​Every author’s journey is different. Some have been handed a golden keyboard from God and get their first manuscript published with seven-figure contracts. Others struggle for years, even decades before their first manuscript is published (if ever). 

Equal parts short story anthology and writer’s insight, Unplugged & Unfinished is a collection of one author’s experiences and struggles over an eight-year span. 

This collection includes several of Sam’s published short stories as well previously unreleased material and non-fiction articles for aspiring writers. It includes such pieces as: 
  • “A Good Bowl of Ramen” 
  • “X(istential Squad)!” 
  • A deleted scene from “First Flight” 
  • “The Tracker,” an unused scene for a novel 
  • “Writing Tips for Newbies by a Newbie” 
  • An early version of Chapter 1 from The Thief and The Red Mandolin 
  • A sneak peek at an upcoming novel, The Guild of Steam

Project R

​Adam has never felt as though he belonged in the little commune nestled in a back corner of the megacity, a world of concrete and metal. Life is easy enough. He is respected and admired, but his own sense of purpose eludes him. When he and a group of scavers – the provision gatherers of the commune – break down the door to corridor fifty-eight in search of more supplies, they unwittingly release a swarm of terrifying creatures and Adam‘s world is torn apart. The commune is attacked, and he goes on the run with a handful of survivors. When they are rescued by a pair of scientists, Adam learns the truth about the megacity, the creatures, and, to his shock, the role that he specifically must play to restore life to a dying world. Only, Adam isn't so sure he wants the job.

Pentinium vs. The Fortress of Soombine

co-authored with Timothy I. Mayo

​In the arm of a particularly attractive spiral galaxy, there once was a speck of a solar system in which resided a planet of such exquisite beauty that anyone who caught the merest glimpse of it died of sheer joy. This story has nothing to do with that planet. Instead, this story takes place on a planet that looks more like a flying chunk of coal bereft of beauty of any kind. Officially, this planet has been designated 788682 Fólkvangr Lamda Ratatoskr ZaoJun AC-141 III. Everyone just calls it Flurdge.

After inadvertently angering a high ranking general, Pentinium, young wizard-in-training, is promoted to sergeant and granted command over a squad of misfits: Trent, A spy too fascinated with his own hair; Jay, a self-proclaimed expert in the transportational arts; Zeus, incredibly boring intel officer; Erin, a psychopathic elven sniper with a scrapbook; and Stappy, the resident dwarf and explosives expert with Deep Pocket Pants of Holding. Their suicidal mission: destroy the Global Goblin Army's nigh impregnable Fortress, Soombine. They'll have to overcome mine fields, orc patrols, corrupt officials, and their own ineptitude if they have a hope of succeeding. But, don't worry. The ever-optimistic Pentinium will lead them through it. Right? ...Right?