Short Stories

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​A man saves a little girl from a pack of supernatural beasts, but there are worse things to fear in the broken city. All they want to do is survive to see another day. However, there are questions they cannot ignore. Why is the city empty? Why can neither of them remember who they are? Why do their nightmares seem so real? 

"Amelia" is a short story inspired by Valiant's Harbinger universe.
​Forged in flame, wrought in blood, bone and steel, from the bowels of the earth and the inner most chambers of the heart, dragons arise. Fired by their passion, inspired by legend, six talented storytellers delve into realms of myth and fantasy as they explore what it means to be human.

"First Flight" by Samuel A. Mayo: Vanderson Egilhard yearns to fly, but when he discovers his father’s secret, the fate of his family and perhaps the world falls into his young hands. 
​Travel with seven talented authors as they glimpse through time into Humanity’s future. Will mankind blossom and flourish, conquering the stars and time itself? Or, with selfishness, greed, and just plain bad luck send us all to the brink of destruction?

"The Cartographer" by Samuel A. Mayo: Destined to chart the stars throughout the aeons, a team of novice map makers are thrust into a conspiracy to control the universe and time itself. 


​A girl with a special power that is both blessing and curse experiences a painful episode that could help save a life, but at what cost?
​As a squad of elite corporate soldiers preps for another mission to exterminate an alien menace, one of them experiences an existential crisis. And it's really annoying.
​Corrupt businessmen. Bad friends. Evil automatons. An empty stomach. It's going to be a long night for Greg Collins. A short story set in the Black Armor Tales universe.
​A skeleton awakens in a cemetery surprised to find itself dead. Its only help comes from a pair of talking skulls. And they really aren't that helpful.