Samuel A. Mayo
Author & Game Designer
Short Stories

Genre: Science Fiction

A mute girl is lost and plagued by strange visions. A soldier awakens with no memory, but must protect the girl at any cost. Together they may just survive and uncover the mystery behind the ruined city and the strange events that follow them.


Genre: Fantasy

Discovering that you have died is a terrible way to start the day. When a newly-undead skeleton emerges from its grave, it struggles to come to grips with its new existence. Luckily, a pair of talking skulls are there to assist. Only they really aren't that helpful.

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Destined to chart the stars throughout the aeons, a team of novice map makers are thrust into a conspiracy to control the universe and time itself. Rescued as a child from the gutter by his mentor, a young cartographer travels in time to settle a treaty dispute, but finds far more than he bargained for—including his own sense of purpose.

Genre: Science Fiction

As a squad of elite corporate soldiers preps for another mission to exterminate an alien menace, one of them experiences an existential crisis. And it's really annoying.

Genre: Science Fiction

A girl with a special power that is both blessing and curse experiences a painful episode that could help save a life, but at what cost?